The “UDL” Universal Domino League , is the “World’s Largest Domino League” with over 100,000 members. In the past 8 years,  The UDL has hosted over 100 tournaments and other domino activations in cities including  Las Vegas, Reno, Los Angeles,  San Diego, Santa Ana, Rialto, Long Beach, Sacramento,Anaheim, Fresno, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, Phoenix, Miami, Mississippi and New Orleans.  The UDL is the most successful competitive domino league in the world with over $1,000,000 having been paid out at UDL Tournaments along with cars and motorcycles.
 Players from all walks of life have attended UDL events. UDL Tournaments drive an average of 500 – 2000 attendees and spectators per event and generate enormous revenues for casinos and venues per Friday – Sunday weekend. UDL tournaments increase venue and casino revenues through gaming, entertainment, food & beverage sales and lodging, 
The UDL has hosted tournaments  in large resorts including the Circa, Palms, Westgate and Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino, Convention Centers and entertainment venues nationwide. Through a commitment to innovation and integrity, the UDL has developed a tournament management system, rules, administration, domino officials and an operations system that simplifies score-keeping, increases the action, and ensures a fair and transparent outcome for all players.  The gaming industry is missing a unique opportunity to provide these players with the opportunity to compete in a professional setting. While poker has seemingly peaked in popularity, competitive dominos is in its early stages and has enormous room to grow.  
The UDL is poised to replicate the explosive growth that we saw in poker 20 years ago.  
UDL tournaments  include marketing and promotions to over 5 million domino players and potential patrons. Currently there are no venues or casinos hosting consistent large-scale domino tournaments in the world. The UDL is the newest cutting edge league and phenomenon that will bring spectators and players from all over the globe.