UDL History

The Universal Domino League (UDL) established May 2014, is an American domino tournament hosting service and promotion company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The "UDL" is the largest domino league in the world with over 100,000 players and showcases the best domino players in the world. The "UDL" produces events worldwide that showcase the game of dominoes and its players. The "UDL" is the first official gaming association dedicated to the game of dominoes providing support, services and a safe, fun environment for domino players around the world. A place for players to test their skills and most importantly, legitimize the game, bringing dominoes to a worldwide audience.

The "UDL" is the only professional domino league of it’s kind with structured, custom, cutting edge domino tournament operations, player rating system, gaming mats, referees, officials, score cards, round girls like boxing and the "UDL Championship Belt".

The "UDL" is the most professional platform for players to start and further their professional domino careers and compete on a fair and equal playing field. The "UDL" created domino officials to ensure fair play like referees in the NBA and have also created “UDL Scoring Chips” to keep score instead of pens or pencils giving the game play a high stakes poker type feel. Each players receives thirty 5 point scoring chips. (150 points each player).

Player 1 will have red chips and Player 2 will have blue chips. The object of the game is to get all your opponents scoring chips. Another creation that gives brings the game to next is the “UDL Scoring Clock” players have 15 seconds per play to play a playable domino, the “UDL time clock speeds up the game and causes pressure like the NFL Play Clock causes, when players have a lot of playable tiles and options to make a play players, players can take longer than the time limit and will be warned once and disqualified from the match the second time.

The "UDL" is similar to "UFC" where players are marketed, promoted, sanctioned, governed and ranked. "UDL Player Rankings" are based on wins, losses, monies won and tournament appearances. Players in UDL Tournaments must abide by Universal Domino League Rules. Custom tournament floor plans and set designs are used to showcase the game and operate A- level domino tournaments effortlessly. on centers, casino ballrooms and cruise ships. Men and women from all walks of life attend UDL events. UDL Players with disabilities, men and women can compete on an even playing field without any advantages.

Moret graduated from UNLV International Gaming Program in 2016 and is a noted music producer, Moret agreed to host a domino tournament at Green Valley Ranch Resort & Casino in 2017, titled ”UDL Fall Classic Domino Tournament” with his professor Dr. Marc Yoseloff former CEO of Shufflemaster, Moret worked alongside his former professor directing the event. Following the successful event, Moret launched the UDL, soon after Moret drafted the business plan and brought in investors such as Dr. Dre to contribute the initial capital to start the "UDL" with the intent to develop the tournament into a television franchise.

In 2018, UDL Productions became the pioneers of domino infused content. UDL Productions will produce domino infused documentaries, games shows and off beat content that will showcase and promote the game of dominoes in a positive light.

The UDL's first production will be titled “UDL Las Vegas Summer Classic Domino Tournament” this event will be filmed in the Grand Ballroom at the newly $700 million dollar renovated Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This event will be broadcasted in 2019 on multiple networks and platforms and will catapult the game of dominoes. The" UDL" is the beginning of the domino phenomenon.