Learn To Play UDL Dominoes



The UDL uses the variation of dominoes known as Muggins, Big 6 or Hi Five. In this variation players only score if the ends of the dominoes placed add up to a multiple of five.


Be the first play to score 150 points.


The Wash: To begin the dominoes are placed face down and shuffled or "Washed."

Drawing: Once the tiles are shuffled, each player draws seven tiles. The rest of the dominoes are moved to the side area called the “boneyard”. The player with the highest double tile begins the game.  

Beginning Play: The player who draws the highest double plays first. If no player has a double, the highest domino plays first ie. (6/5, 6/4) . 

The Boneyard: Players pull dominoes until they draw a playable domino. 


The first player to use all their dominoes (empty their hand) says “DOMINO” and ends the round. 

The player receives any points left in the opposing player’s hands (totaling the number of pips and rounding them to the nearest multiple of five).  

The player that Dominoes can start the next hand with any domino they choose.  If the round is blocked, then the player with the lowest pip total wins, scoring their opponent's points and rounding the nearest multiple of five. 

Rounds are played until the first player reaches 150 points. If the 15 minute period ends before players score 150 points, the player with the most points wins.


Dominoes are played to matching ends, but to score the open ends have to total a multiple of five. 

Each players has 30 five point scoring chips representing 150 points.

Players have different colored scoring chips. Player 1 has red, Player 2 has blue. 

Whenever a player scores, the opposing player gives the player their colored scoring chips totaling the amount they have scored.

The first player that has no scoring chips remaining loses the game. Multiple rounds may be played until the 150 points is achieved.

If a player does not notice that their own play scores a multiple of five, an opponent may call “muggins” after the next play; the opponent will receive the points instead.

Players can begin the game with any amount of points scored in multiples of 5, players don’t need 10 points to begin scoring in a UDL game. 


  • UDL Dominoes (28 count set)
  • UDL Official Scoring Chips (30 each player)
  • UDL Official Gaming Mat
  • UDL Official Score Card (Used to mark spinner of each round and final score of each game.